Due to the overwhelming devastation and deadly impact of recent the Coronavirus Covid-19, the Urban Recovery Group has decided to take action for the cause.  We are dedicated to stopping the spread and flattening the curve of infection so that we can return to some semblance of normalcy and resume our lives.  As such, URG has partnered with Bestoke Inc., a high-end design company that has pivoted their focus to manufacturing PPE to help the Covid-19 relief efforts and provide emergency PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and medical supplies to the underserved and underprivileged urban communities of this nation and others around the globe.  Bestoke is currently deploying an aggressive emergency campaign to provide quality FDA regulated and CE/ Certified PPE globally using their production and factory resources in China.  So far, Bestoke PPE has received purchase orders for nearly 2 million PPE items and products including masks, gloves, gowns, face shields, and rapid 1-step Covid testers.  It's all hands on deck and URG is on board to protect our future by protecting the frontlines.

In an organized task force effort to stabilize the spread of Covid-19, URG has diligently begun recruiting members of the hip hop music industry to volunteer with helping deliver emergency 'Survival Kits' including PPE and medical supplies to the frontline healthcare workers.  Hip hop artists such as Professor Griff, Professor Daddy-O and Jarobi White of A Tribe Called Quest are only a few who have already shown interest to assist with the outreach program and will contribute their time and energy to help disperse PPE products across urban cities such as NYC, Atlanta and Miami, Florida.  The goal is to find volunteers spread out across the country so that we can cover as much ground as possible.  In addition, certain artists will contribute via musical participation for the accompanying record campaign.

The first release to impact awareness is "The Joint: Trilogy" produced by Motion Picturez featuring Artifacts, Sadat X, Sharrif Simmons, and multi-instrumentalist Brian Jackson.  This pulsating groove is highly infectious as it takes over the listener's consciousness, forcing them on an emotional roller-coaster ride, poignantly addressing urgent topics of racial disparities and the struggles of the urban community, specifically concerning social, political and economic well-being and how it affects healthy lifestyle.

Proceeds of each and every record sale and digital download will go towards the purchase of PPE and donating it to hospitals, medical facilities, clinics, nursing homes, homeless shelters, emergency operation centers, essential businesses and others in need of emergency protective equipment and information.  PPE does not come cheap, but Bestoke is offering to help anyway possible to save lives during this unfortunate and unprecedented situation.

It's all hands on deck.  Let's begin now.

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The Rescue Squad is an organized petition and collective of artists, musicians, celebrities, athletes, activists, politicians, curators, dignitaries, publishers and educators designed to serve as a vehicle to promote change and growth in urban communities worldwide. Ultimately, any one person, group or entity that signs up and enrolls in the Rescue Squad Program is committed to activating positive changes in the community.  As a growing collective, we represent a formidable united front, determined to serve the community with our unique skills, expertise, knowledge, and approach as it applies.  By implementing and cultivating specific leadership roles and assigning responsibility, we can achieve set goals via unification of purpose.


You don't need any special qualifications to become a member of the Rescue Squad.  The only requirement is to have an unyielding passion and drive to serve and rehabilitate underprivileged people in urban communities around the world.  Just complete the membership form and sign the petition and you become a member of the Rescue Squad instantly!

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